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Pulcinella Ristorante Pizzeria Cleveleys  Covid- 19 Risk Assessment  2021
Date Assessment was Carried out : 15/05 2021 Assessment carried out by:  Fran Moreno
What are the hazards ? Who might be harmed and how ? What are you already doing to control the risks? What further action do you need to control risks ? Who needs to carry out the action ? When is the action needed by ?
Spread of covid-19 * Workers * Hand washing facilities with soap and water in place * Employees to be reminded wash their hands for 21
Coronavirus * Customers * Stringent hand washing taking place seconds with soap and water and drying with disposable
* Delivery drivers * See hand washing guidance paper towels after cleaning dirty plates and glasses from
* Anyone else who physically comes * Disposable paper towels for drying of hands tables
in contact with us in relation to our * * Encourage staff to report if they feel unwell or any skin
business * Gel sanitisers at the entrance before enter premises problems
* Frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces * Traffic lights toilets only one person at time
that are touched regularly particularly in areas of high use * Daily staff temperature check and recorded
such as door handles and tables, chairs using appropriate * Providing only disposable condiments to minimize risk
cleaning products and methods * QR code for menu at the entrace where you can scan
* Sanitiser station before entering toilets and throught the it with your own device or one time use menu on request
restaurant * Visible cleaning schedule
* Reducing the number of workers in any work area to comply * Staggering bookings to avoid full capacity at one time
with the 2 metre gap recommended by the Public Health Agency * The use of the front door to enter and the back door to
* Lowering capacity to maintaining the social distance exit if there is any queues building up
* Using signs to build awareness of social distance and a good * Staff to be reminded on daily basis of importance of
handwashing technique social distancing both in work and outside of it
* Positional tables in different ways to avoid face to face between * Taking bookings of a max of 6 customers to avoid too
parties many households